Sergei (oneanother) wrote,

A few things to drop

The election is over. I worked hard to get people to vote. I can't write to this as much as I used to. I miss the feeling, but the fact is that I'm starting to try to put my creative efforts into writing fiction. I can't stand to read fiction unless it is somehow relevant. Strangely, in between writing poetry, I have been reading political books. I have been obsessed with the direction this country is taking. I suppose I really feel I need to try to save the world. I was trying to talk to someone last night and he made himself so completely obnoxious, I just had to walk out of my apartment. He is my roommate's friend. It's strange that he doesn't have any of the traits of his friends. I mean, his two main friends are assholes, the kind you just can't stand like the feeling of a chilly breeze on a cavity. They are loud, dominant personalities that can't stand not to be the center of attention while they make sure that they enjoy the physical and intellectual primacy of the room. I haven't told them, but so much of what they say would fit snugly in a straight-jacket, and not in the "good crazy" sense. My roommate is almost oppposite though. I guess that makes up for it. I let them have their ratttle.
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